Campaign for clean street food hub begins in Jaipur


Representative imageRepresentative image
JAIPUR: The health department has launched ‘campaign for clean street food hub’ in the city. The health department is identifying areas which have developed as hubs for street food. Also, the number of foodvans has risen significantly in the city. It has become a challenging task for the health authorities to ensure sale of hygienic food on the streets.

The health department officials said that directions have been issued to conduct inspections at street food hubs in the city. The health teams will check if the street food vendors are following Food Safety and Standards Organisation of India (FSSAI) norms. Moreover, the officials will encourage street food vendors to procure health fitness certificate from doctors. Also, the vendors will be encouraged to wear aprons along with gloves to ensure cleanliness and hygiene to prevent spread of food-related illnesses.

Over the past few days, the health department has claimed seizing adulterated and sub-standard food items by conducting sudden inspections.

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